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We believe that Educational Artificial Intelligence Tools should be designed by, for, and with educators. That is why our team will always remain educator-centric!

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Logan Greenhaw

8th Grade ELA Teacher

Logan Greenhaw is an 8th Grade English Language Arts teacher at a public school in Hendersonville, North Carolina. He is also the creator of Auto Classmate, a website that features a digital suite of AI-powered tools to help educators create more meaningful and dynamic moments in classrooms.

Before becoming a teacher, Logan studied Religion and Philosophy in undergrad and graduate school. After undergrad, Logan and his partner, Morgan, thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail. During graduate school, Logan developed a deep appreciation for technology and became a freelance web developer/designer.

After listening to his loving partner, Morgan, he was reminded of and finally rediscovered his passion for helping others learn in a life-giving manner. In 2021, Logan began teaching full-time, but continued to develop websites on the side. By fusing together his passions for teaching and web development, Logan was able to create Auto Classmate.


William Grube

Computer Science Student (NDSU)

As a computer science student at North Dakota State University pursuing an accelerated master’s degree, William is well-versed in the latest AI tools and technologies used by students across all levels of education. His understanding of the field of AI has prepared him to adapt and evolve with the latest advancements, while his experience speaking at schools about AI and assisting with cybersecurity has given him a strong understanding of the technology needs and capabilities of schools nationwide.

William is also the founder of Gruvy Education, a company dedicated to developing innovative educational solutions that empower teachers to create AI-resistant content and foster a learning environment where students actively engage with their education. By providing educators with resources and strategies to nurture critical thinking skills and intellectual autonomy, Gruvy Education enables them to cultivate an atmosphere where students are prepared to excel in an AI-driven world while maintaining their ability to think independently.

With a focus on collaboration, William and his team at Gruvy Education work alongside educators to design adaptive curriculums that challenge students to actively participate in their learning process. This approach helps develop a strong foundation in problem-solving, creativity, and discernment, shaping the next generation of learners who can harness the benefits of AI tools while remaining vigilant and self-reliant in a rapidly evolving global workforce.

Driven by his passion for computer science and artificial intelligence, William is eager to make a meaningful impact in the field by helping teachers navigate the complex relationship between education and technology.

We’re looking for more partners

If you have a passion for ensuring the ethical implementation of Artificial Intelligence within education, we would love to have a conversation. We are looking for teachers and partners that would like to contribute their skills to making Auto Classmate even better!