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In addition to creating our own tools for transforming the future of education, we also strive to provide educational thought leadership on topics related to technology and leadership. All of our blog posts are written by and for educators.

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Explore Our Latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools Created by and for Educators

These educational tools assist educators create more interactive, thoughtful, and meaningful learning opportunities for students. By fusing Artificial Intelligence and human creativity, Auto Classmate seeks to help educators become leaders in the ethical implementation of technology in the classroom.

Lesson Plan and Activity Forecast Tool

This tool will make you feel like you can see the future by predicting outcomes of any activity within your lesson plan so you can preview class before class.

Contextual Learning Activity Generator

This tool will generate three activities that place students in a contextualized role in order to create or design something in the learning process.

Would You Rather Question Generator

This AI tool will instantly add excitement to your classroom by providing grade and content specific 'would you rather' style questions.

Activation and Engagement Activity Generator

This AI-powered tool will produce three engagement activities designed to add a dynamic flare to any lesson plan for any class.

AI-Powered Instructional Coach

Powered by a fine-tuned version of Chat-GPT, our Instructional AI Coach will help you become a better educator everyday.

Lesson Enrichment Toolkit

Rapidly generate multiple types of enrichment activities for any lesson plan or learning objective for your classroom. This toolkit will provide new life to any lesson!