Would You Rather Question Generator

The Auto Classmate ‘Would You Rather’ Question Generator is designed to add a high-energy activity to any warm-up or lesson plan for any grade level or content area. By simply selecting your grade level and topic/content, our AI-powered generator will produce 10 unique and custom-crafted ‘Would You Rather’ style questions. These types of questions are wonderful for student interactions between peers and educators in any classroom setting.

Instructions for using this tool:

Select the grade level of your students, enter your topic/content, select what kind of questions you would like, click 'Generate AI Responses', and then wait for your questions to generate. Please allow up to 30 seconds for our Artificial Intelligence (AI) models to work their magic!

How to Use the AI Responses

Below you will find a few unique ways you could use the Artificial Intelligence responses from this tool. Please remember that it is your responsibility to use this tool wisely, ethically, and resourcefully in your classroom.

‘Would You Rather’ style questions generate high student engagement and interactions. Using these questions within a warm-up will set a positive and dynamic tone for the rest of your class. Plus, these questions will naturally lead into any topic that you like because you can choose the topic!
Sometimes breaking up a lesson with a quick, interactive activity can help re-motivate an entire classroom. Try throwing in a few ‘Would You Rather’ questions to break up a lesson to get your students talking and vibing once more!
Include a ‘Would You Rather’ question on your next test/quiz/assignment as a short answer question to add a new twist to your assessment strategy. Including questions like these that is still concerning the topic of the assessment can actually increase student drive and creativity.

How This Tool Works

We spent time crafting this tool using a combination of AI Learning Models and personal classroom experience from actual educators. Below are a few specific details about the technology that powers this tool. 

Our AI Tools are powered by OpenAI’s API (Application Programming Interface).

We created a fine-tuned AI model that generates specific types of responses that are best tailored to an educator’s needs

By testing the responses this tool generates in an actual classroom, we fine-tuned the model even further to best optimize student-learning.

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